Guests on our Spring Iron and Steam Experience who were also members of the website ephotozine have been enjoying success with some of their images. 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 4, 5,

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We regret that we have had to cancel this years workshop.

We have followed over the years various reports on the seal numbers and birth survivals at Donna Nook, some of which have claimed that large groups of visitors (namely photographers) have had no effect on the numbers and some of which claim otherwise.

However recent studies seem to show that a drop off in large groups of photographers would seem to coincide with an increase in birth survivals, particularly with the Beach Colony (Sandbank) Whilst not conclusive and studies over lengthier periods need to be done, Northscape have taken the decision that until we understand more, we will not be adding to the 'problem.'

Workshop Booking Form

ONE-to-ONE WORKSHOP DAYS (8 hours approx) are available by arrangement at a cost of £150 or 2 people for £250. Days are tailored to suit your interests and experience. A whole day can be spent honing your landscape photography skills or broken with a few hours of street photography.
Why not spend some time learning to use your flash correctly and for those on a budget, how to make your own affordable light modifiers that really work. Have you ever fancied trying some location portrait and fashion shooting, then spend a day with us in our unique locations. Model hire may be extra.

We also cater for groups and clubs - contact us to discuss costs, locations and individual requirements.


Guests of all levels come to learn basics, to advance in their craft and to hone their techniques before they make that move to professional level.
We believe that this mix of people coupled with the experience of the Northscape tutors make for a more informative and enjoyable experience.

Contact us for a booking form or book online.

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